Red Mexicana
de Recursos Hídricos

Our History

Currently, the knowledge society in which we are immersed facilitates collaboration between educational entities through the formation of related groups or with the same objective. These groups of professors and researchers form what is known as Academic Networks. The main purpose of these networks is to strengthen cooperation and work relationships through the exchange between the members of: teachers, students and didactic material, as well as participation in research projects, publications, academic events, etc. Likewise, academic networks also offer the opportunity of linking people, regardless of their institutional affiliation, making it possible to search for information, disseminate initiatives and debate on topics of interest.

Joint projects are promoted in areas of common interest with the aim of achieving a disseminating effect of the successful experiences. The formation of academic networks can produce results insofar as it fosters synergy between the capacities of the members, facilitating the combination of knowledge, skills and values, which translates into the acquisition of skills.

This Network, which has been named as the REMERH, was formally constituted as of October 15, 2009 with the signing of the GENERAL AGREEMENT OF SCIENTIFIC, ACADEMIC and PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION by said Institutions, within the framework of the Second Session of the CUMEX Chair in Civil Engineering 2009 "Emilio Rosenblueth".
The members of the REMERH unanimously ratified the coordinators, being as follows: President of the Technical Committee Dr. Víctor Hugo Guerra Cobián of UANL, Vice President Dra. María Vicenta Esteller Alberich of CIRA-UAEMex and Member Dr. Leobardo Alejandro Quiroga of the DAIA-UJAT.