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"Water Security and the Sustainable Development Goals"

Next Monday, August 5, 2019, this course will start at a free distance for decision makers.

The activity will be developed from the platform of the International Hydroinformatics Center (CIH) and is aimed at people who have an impact on the definition of public policies, strategic plans and management, especially related to water, the environment and education: ministers, rectors of universities, legislative or parliamentary commissions, national / provincial / state water and / or environmental authorities, judges, legislators, among others. Educators and students are part of the candidates to take the course.

The main objective is to promote the development of capacities with a comprehensive vision that contributes to guaranteeing water security as a way to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Registration for the course is open until July 31, 2019.

Those interested must register by:

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